Based in New York

Kjartan is a walking juxtaposition. In what seems to be an uncontrolled source of energy lies a truly disciplined professional. His strong visual style comes from an obsession with light and how light can be shaped and even how it can shape our perception of the world. There is a hint of the romantic or one could even say a sense of nostalgia without the melancholy that so often seems to be partners with it. Add to this a breadth of knowledge that allows for rules to be broken not just to break the rules, but because there is a need for it, and sometimes not.

Kjartan found his path in life at sixteen years of age in his native Iceland when he picked up a camera and placed it in front of an eye that allowed him to give us his take on the world. Now this does not happen over night and neither did it with Kjartan either, after going to school in Gothenburg, Sweden in one of the finest schools that offer photography in Northern Europe he then moved over to assisting some of the the worlds finest photographers in some of whom included: Vincent Peters, Tom Munro, Michelangelo Di Battista, Liz Collins to name a few as well as having worked extensively in digital post production for an even larger roster of clients.

After this process it was time to move out into the real world and since that day Kjartan divides his time between his native Reykjavík, Iceland and his adopted Paris, France and has done work for clientees such as: Vodafone, Visa, Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Peak Sports, Top Shop, Decathlon, Icelandair and magazines such as: Sunday Times, Numéro.

A true professional Kjartan is available for assignment work worldwide